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Hospital Visitor Policy

Job Posting

To serve as a family practice physician and provide Primary Care which may include emergency department and long-term care services at the hospital, working collaboratively with other medical providers.


• Devote physician’s entire professional time and attention to the application of physician’s particular skills and knowledge in medicine on such days and during such hours as designated by the Hospital.
• Must be reasonably available to physician’s patients, either personally or through prearranged alternative coverage.
• Promptly prepare and record complete and accurate records and reports of all examinations, procedures, treatments, and other services performed by the physician.
• Work cooperatively with the Hospital to promote and expand the services of the hospital.
• Ensure that there is no discrimination in the provision of services at the hospital/clinic against any patient or potential patient based on any person’s color, sex, race, creed, religion, nationality, or economic status.
• Execute all documents necessary to allow the Hospital to bill and collect for services rendered by the physician. Medical Necessity MUST apply to all tests and pharmaceuticals ordered by the physician in the rendering of services.
• Participate in programs of education for the professional staff of the Hospital and clinic(s) and arrange and participate in programs of education for other hospitals, clinics, public and private agencies, and organizations for the purpose of familiarizing them with the programs of the Hospital and clinic(s).
• Participate in the Hospital’s call schedule as determined by the Hospital, the object of which, in conjunction with other active staff members, is to provide twenty-four (24) hour emergency availability.
• Participate in professional organizations and programs to develop support for the Hospital and clinic(s) and to enable Hospital to continue to attract and retain qualified medical and support staff.
• Participate in the Hospital’s Teaching, Quality Assurance Program, Organizational Planning and Peer Review Program. In doing so, the physician will:
o Evaluate and recommend quality control programs, as appropriate.
o Provide recommendations regarding the development of short- and long-range strategic plans for the organization.
o Evaluate and make recommendations regarding the space, capital equipment, furnishings, and other resources needed by the organization.
o Medically consult with non-physician staff at the clinic(s) and Hospital.
o Monitor the professional performance of all individuals who have delineated clinical privileges at the hospital/clinic.
o Assess and make recommendations regarding the improvements of the quality of care and services provided at the clinic(s) and Hospital.
• Perform any other duties as requested by the Hospital consistent with physician’s capabilities.

Supervisory Responsibility:
This position does not oversee other positions.

Required Education and Experience

• Must hold a current license for the practice of medicine in the state of Colorado.
• Hold a medical degree from a recognized medical school.

Preferred Education and Experience
• Obtain ACLS, PALS, and ATLS certifications within 6 months of hire date.

Additional Information
Position Type : Full Time
Salary: $300,000.00 to $340,000.00 per year

Contact Information
Mary Elizabeth Mullins - HR Director
Human Resources
373 E. 10th Ave.
Springfield, CO 81073
Phone: (719)523-2160
Fax: (719)523-4290
Physician, doctor

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