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Hospital Visitor Policy

Care Coordinator helps families at SECHD

Kami Cohoon, RN is the Medical Clinic's Care Coordinator.
Kami has been working in rural medicine since 2003 when she started as a NA and ward clerk at the Goodland Regional Medical Center just after graduating college. She also obtained her EMT certificate and worked as a Volunteer EMT while attending nursing school. Kami obtained her registered nurse degree from Colby Community College and continued working in Goodland as both an RN and EMT. In 2009, Kami and her family made the move to Baca County and she began work with Southeast Colorado Medical Clinic. Kami has a passion for teaching patients ways they can manage and optimize their own health and has obtained advanced training as a patient navigator and as a clinic health coach.

Annual Wellness Visits are an integral part of overall patient health. Kami, or one of our trained nurses, will sit down with the patient and go through recommended health screenings based on the patient's age, past medical history, and family medical history. Some examples of issues addressed are cancer screenings needed/recommended, vaccines needed/recommended, laboratory screenings such as lipids and Hepatitis C screening, fall risk, depression and dementia screening. Often times, depending on your insurance, the screening tests will be free of charge.
With the changing face of medicine recommending prevention and holistic management, a care coordinator helps patients manage their complex health issues. Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a new program, funded for Medicare patients to help those with multiple, complex medical problems manage those successfully. Kami spends time both in person and on the phone with the patient addressing their questions and concerns so that the patient does not have to come to the clinic for a formal appointment. Kami spends time one on one with the patient and helps set goals for improving their overall health. Patients have stated they think this helps them keep their medications and tasks straight and prevents errors, which can lead to a patient's condition worsening or even hospitalization.
When a patient is discharged from the hospital, one of the goals is to prevent readmission. Transitional Care Management (TCM) is a program that attempts to do just that. Following discharge from Southeast Colorado Hospital, or even an outlying hospital, Kami will work with the patient to make sure they understand any medication changes, make sure follow up appointments are made and the patient is able to comply with any other new recommendations.

Patients often have difficulty with transportation, obtaining/affording medications, or other difficulties and Kami works to connect them with available resources in the area. Kami is an integral part of the Southeast Colorado Medical Clinic providing whole person care for our community.

Kami looks forward to helping our community better access and understand the resources available to improve family health.