LTCC Social Services

Medical Social Services:

Andrea Baxter
is the Director of the Social Services department, she has worked for Southeast Colorado Hospital District and Long Term Care Center 8 years. Andrea has been a part of the Southeast Colorado Hospital District team in the Activities department before becoming the Director of Social Services.

Velta Martinezis the care Assistant of the Social Services department.

Social Services Staff members help provide medically related Social Services to patients and residents through:
• Educating patients and families about illnesses and treatment plans
• Conducting psychosocial assessments to identify mental and emotional distress
• Counseling those in crisis or experiencing distress
• Connecting patients/residents and their families with necessary resources
• Assess social, family and/or financial circumstances
• Communicate patient's/resident's information to stakeholders on a patient's health team
• Connect patients/residents and families with outside medical and non-medical resources
• Coordinate patient/residents care in collaboration with health team stakeholders
• Helping residents with the transition to long term care center setting
• Assist in patient/resident discharge
• Provide emotional support in coping with new medical diagnosis for families and patients/residents
• Help with end-of-life care for both patients/residents and their family members
• Help monitor psychoactive medications through PASRR services.
• Ensuring that patient/residents are informed of their rights
• Assist patients/ residents in completing Advances Directives and Power of Attorney paperwork
• Act as a liaison between the patients/residents, family members and facility staff

For more information or questions contact: 719-523-2142

Stephanie Reyes
Social Services Director

Velta Martinez
Social Services Assistant