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Hospital Visitor Policy

Language Services

Southeast Colorado Hospital District provides an interpreter to assist ESL (English as a second language) patients, residents, and customers.

The interpreter:
Translates speaking, reading and writing from the English Language to the Spanish Language and from the Spanish Language to the English Language.
Translates for all departments
Is able to speak, read, write, and understand both languages fluently
Is familiar with Medical terminology, and Anatomy terminology in both languages
Will translate and interpret in very stressful and at times very disturbing (Emergency Room) situations.
On-call and available 24/7


Southeast Colorado Hospital District will designate the interpreters available at SECHD to facilitate effective communication with LEP persons.
In order to ensure effective communication and to protect the confidentiality of the patient information, the patient will be informed that the service of an interpreter is available at no additional charge.

A patient for whom no interpreter is available within the facility and who needs interpretation will be assisted in utilizing a certified language service.

To obtain Language Interpreter Services Call:
Para obtener ayuda con un intérprete de Español llame

Marcia (Olivas) Elstob, Administrative Assistant/CICP Technician
Southeast Colorado Hospital District
373 E. 10th Ave.
(719) 523-2161