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The Emergency Medical Services Department at Southeast Colorado Hospital District is looking for people interested in an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program and a willingness to serve right here in Baca County. We are contemplating starting an EMT course in January 2023 for eligible persons. If you or someone you know would like to become an EMT, please contact Cherilyn Wittler, EMS Director @ 719-523-2186 to see if this course might be a good fit for you.

Cherilyn Wittler, EMS Director
Southeast Colorado Hospital Ambulance Service
972 Kansas St
Springfield, CO 81073

(m) 719-353-1509
(o) 719-523-2186
(f) 719-523-6454
Southeast Colorado Hospital District Personnel and Baca County Residents- "we need your help in correctly avoiding the helicopter and ambulance staging areas around the SECHD Clinic, Helipad, and the area between the emergency room and the hospital."

Each time the helicopters land, hospital personnel set up barricades and attempt to contain the safety area; in and around the helipad, and within the contained areas. We are beginning to see cars driving through the emergency areas and around barricades while we are loading patients from the emergency room to a helicopter flight. We need your help in observing the barricades and staying out of the controlled areas. Please, sit and wait patiently as aviation personnel, emergency responders, medical, and ambulance staff load patients as nationally many have been injured or fatally injured, when the safety zones are violated. Please, observe basic safety principals of sitting and waiting or taking another route to entirely avoid the safety area. Only trained staff should ever get under the rotor system of a helicopter, a vehicle should never be underneath a helicopter rotor for any reason. Even the lightest contact may result in permanent damage. Any contact to the tail rotor of a helicopter can result in serious injury and mechanical failure.

"We need your help" in correctly avoiding the barricaded helicopter and ambulance staging areas around the SECHD Clinic, Helipad, and the area between the emergency room and the hospital." Never drive inside the hospital barricades when they are deployed. Please, park elsewhere and save a life. Please, help us reduce the risk of loss of life, accident, financial, emotional, and physical loss by staying out of the controlled areas.

Each year at tax time we look for ways that our giving can benefit our community and not just be paid in general taxes. Donations to the hospital district or the hospital foundation are a good way to put direction to these finances and other funds we have built-up in our lifetime. Giving can be done in such a way that it will benefit our area and leave a legacy that gives us personal satisfaction. Southeast Colorado Hospital District and Long Term Care Center is your local non-profit that would like you and the people of the Southeast region to think of us as the benefactor as you set up your yearly tax deductions, giving or developing your final will and testament, to "do the most good". Some people in their golden years and retirement are looking for a good place to give their assets and to set up benefactors. Many do not have family but want to see their life's work, giving, and philanthropy live on in our area. Southeast Colorado Hospital District and Long Term Care Center; your local hospital and Long Term Care Center, is a local publicly owned non-profit organization that has served the people of Baca County and the Southeast Region since 1969. Recent legislation includes several provisions to help individuals and businesses who give to charities. The new law generally extends four temporary tax changes through the end of 2021. The IRS overview of the 2021 changes are listed at: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/expanded-tax-benefits-help-individuals-and-businesses-give-to-charity-in-2021 and covers 1.) Deduction for individuals who don't itemize 2.) Cash donations 3.)100% limit on eligible cash contributions made by taxpayers who itemize deductions. 4.) Corporate limit increased to 25% of taxable income.

The standard method of making a contribution to Southeast Colorado Hospital District is to hand carry a donation to 373 E. Tenth Street Springfield CO or mail a check to the Southeast Colorado Hospital District offices at 373 E. Tenth Ave Springfield, CO 81073 Attn: Dorothy Burke. However, this method is not the only form of donation payment mechanism available; please, contact your accountant, legal counsel, or financial advisor for specific questions about your giving. If you have general questions call, (719) 523-4501 and ask for Dorothy Burke or Steve Sanchez. All givers will be given an immediate receipt upon donation of any kind. Non-cash giving can be discussed in a case by case basis.

Southeast Colorado Hospital District and our Foundation have each been approved as an enterprise zone for tax credits when you donate. Information on the state Enterprise Zone program can be found at http://choosecolorado.com/doing-business/incentives-financing/ez/
The Colorado legislature created the Enterprise Zone (EZ) Program to encourage development in economically distressed areas of the state.
In designated enterprise zones:
• businesses are eligible for state income tax credits and sales and use tax exemptions for specific business investments
• economic development projects form by incentivizing taxpayers to contribute through state income tax credits
• taxpayers who contribute to enterprise zone projects may earn income tax credits
Businesses within enhanced rural enterprise zones earn additional tax credits, Southeast Colorado Hospital District is one.

We are accepting applications for our next "Free Nurse Aide Class" at Southeast Colorado Hospital District and Long Term Care in Springfield CO."

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is on the front lines of patient / resident care. The nursing assistant position is certainly one of the most vital to daily operations for the nursing care facility, your compassion and skill in patient/resident care will help minimize the stress of those who are sick or unable to care for themselves.

Do you need to start working prior to the CNA class? We offer positions as Support Staff, as you start the transition towards obtaining your Certified Nursing Assistant License.
- You will also be getting paid while you are attending the Nurse Aide class.

Class will begin: As filled.
As we fill a class roster.
Requirements for the class:
o you must be 16 or older
o no record of a felony, No Violent or theft crime
o must pass a drug screening
o must pass a reading comprehensive test
o and pass an interview.
How to apply:
o Corey Castle, Human Resources, at 719-523-4501, ext #160 or email ccastle@sechosp.org
o Sheri Reed Resident Care Coordinator (719) 523-2016, ext# 216 or email residentcare@sechosp.org.
o Glenice Wade, ADON, (719) 523-2141 ext #141 or email gwade@sechosp.org
o SECHD offer competitive wages.
o An increase in wage after certification.
o Full Time employees SECHD offers life insurance of $10 K, Medical, Dental and Vision, Aflac, vacation, and sick time, 3% matching for retirement after 1 year, option for 457.
o Part Time employees Dental and Vision, Aflac, vacation, and sick time, 3% matching for retirement after 1 year, option for 457.
o Per Diem employees (that is as needed if you are not interested in full or part time or maybe you're a full time student and work when you can) you are offered sick time, option for 457 and .50 more per hour.

Southeast Colorado Hospital District--Rural Health Clinic offers a 'New Chronic Pain Management'
specialty clinic for patients-"IT'S TIME TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK"!
While some pain can be treated through self-care measures, it's important to understand and treat the underlying causes of pain instead of masking the pain with medications. We understand that no two patients are alike. That is why we are dedicated to find the best treatment options that are individualized just for you. We offer a range of cutting-edge opioid alternatives that can relieve chronic pain. LET US HELP YOU FIND THE BEST TREATMENT OPTION FOR YOU. For a consult or an appointment call (719) 523-6628 or (719) 523-2087.

LATE CLINIC -Southeast Colorado Medical Clinic resumed extended office hours.
PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: *An appointment must be called and scheduled. Due to social distancing/crowd control rules we cannot offer "walk in" appointments at this time. Please, call 719-523-6628.
TELEHEALTH appointments are available during this time frame. See the provider from the comfort of your own home.
Appointments will be from 4pm-6pm. If no slots are scheduled after 5pm by 5pm, the clinic will close at that time.
Appointment slots are for URGENT, ACUTE illness or injury of a singular nature (ie-ONE complaint). Appointments are scheduled to be very brief. The provider will ask you to make a follow up/regular appointment for any complex, ongoing or numerous issues.
If a complex work up is required in an urgent matter, you may be referred to the emergency department.
If you are not insured, please remember we do have a sliding scale system for discounted visits.

Weekly COVID-19 notification-VISITOR POLICY
Dear Patient and Families,
To ensure excellent patient care, as well as family and visitor safety, the Southeast Colorado Hospital District team are working around the clock to stay on top of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in our community and may update the guidelines as needed to provide the safest care to everyone.
Visiting Hours and Guidelines:
All visitors are required to wear masks over their nose, mouth, and under their chin AT ALL TIMES. Visitors who do not comply with this rule will be asked to leave.
COVID-19 Screening:
Everyone entering the hospital must check in at the Business Office and complete a daily screening survey. The Business Office will direct all visitors after screening is completed. (From 5pm -7am all visitors must check in at the nurse's station for screening). In order to ensure the safety and health of all patients and our staff, people who show signs and symptoms of a communicable disease will not be permitted to visit.
General Visitation: Inpatient Area (Patients Without COVID-19)
Two healthy visitors per day per patient. Visitors must stay in the room of the patient they are visiting. Do not enter other patients' rooms during the visit. If the patient must leave their room for other medical treatment in the hospital, visitors will not be allowed to accompany them. Visitors should remain in the patient's room until leaving for the day. Once the visitor exits the hospital, they will not be allowed to return until the next day.
General Visitation: Inpatient Area (Patients With COVID-19) Window/video visits only.
Visit to patients who are at end of life: Immediate family: spouse and children.
During this challenging time, we ask that patients and visitors follow the staff's direction and understand that the evolving circumstances will result in variation of visits. Thank you for your patience and for placing your trust in us.
Visiting Hours and Guidelines for Long Term Care Residents:
Visits will continue to be set up by KayCee McCallum. Please call 719-523-2159 to arrange a visit.

All Baca County Residents that wish to get COVID 19 vaccinations should call the SECHD Rural Health Clinic at (719) 523-6628 or sign-up online at https://ptserver.fasthealth.com/web_sech_co/forms/?formID=9315&sub=COVID-19+Vaccine+Signup or on the top header of the face page of the www.sechosp.org website click COVID 19 Vaccine Sign -up and fill in the preregistration form.