COVID-19 Information

Free COVID 19 testing is still available every Monday in the South bus parking lot of Southeast Colorado Hospital District across the street from the main entrance (373 East 10th Avenue, Springfield). Please, come to the drive-through testing this Monday if you feel you might have COVID 19. As our numbers continue to grow, Southeast Colorado Hospital District continues to work together with the people of Southeast Colorado.

09 10, 2021 Friday afternoon,
It has been a busy week. Positive cases are increasing daily. Please remind everyone that we are still providing vaccine clinics, at the Baca County Public Health office, and testing is still available every Monday in the parking lot of Southeast Colorado Hospital (373 East 10th Avenue, Springfield). As our numbers continue to grow, we need to work together to slow this down.
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RCF Comprehensive Mitigation Guidance.pdf - Google Drive
Baca County Public Health Agency has been notified that we have three (3) new laboratory confirmed cases in Baca County. Out of respect for patient's privacy, we will only release the following information (No other information will be released at this time):
The patients:
Are residents of Baca County.
Have been placed into isolation after receiving the positive test results.
Close contacts are being contacted and will be placed in quarantine.
Baca County case numbers:
(March 11, 2020 to present) total COVID cases are three hundred sixty-nine (369). Other Baca County information is as follows (Thursday September 10,2021 @ 12:40pm):
 Positive cases: 369
 Hospitalizations: 24
 Current hospitalizations: 0
 Deaths: 5
 Variants: B.1.1.7: 4

CDPHE's numbers on their website is showing 360 cases. Here is the website:
Thank you,
Cindi Parsons
Baca County Administrator 719.563.1132

Southeast Colorado Hospital District and Long Term Care Center wants to remind the public that they're still open for business; even in the wake of restrictions from COVID-19. We are here for your wellness, support, and medical care; especially, we want you here if you are facing an illness or emergency.
Doctors and providers at the Southeast Colorado Hospital District; hospital, clinic, rehabilitation, specialty clinics, laboratory, respiratory therapy, radiology, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, cardiac, vascular, pulmonary and wound care departments are reporting that traffic in the patient areas are down because people are concerned they may catch the virus that causes COVID-19 in a waiting room; but we say that, if you are sick or need care, you need to call ahead then come in, as we are "open for business.".
Southeast Colorado Hospital District and Long Term Care Center wants to remind you that our Emergency Department is still operating 24/7, along with our regular patient hours at our Medical Clinic.
We have special outside COVID-19 testing areas and COVID 19 protocols that do everything possible to protect our patients. We ask you to always "call ahead" and if you have suspected COVID-19 we can triage and isolate potential COVID-19 cases. People who are seeking treatment out of concern for possible novel coronavirus infection are not in waiting rooms of emergency departments or our clinic without proper isolation and protocols for patient safety.
"We appreciate you; our friends and neighbors for adapting so quickly to our changes to help prepare for patients with COVID-19. It is equally important to us that you know we are still prepared to serve anyone who has a medical issue that requires immediate or ongoing care. Your health is still very important to us; at this time, as well. Unfortunately, we've had instances where individuals have waited at home a little too long before they came to see us. We understand patients don't want to unnecessarily expose themselves to germs in the waiting room, but time matters when it comes to many serious conditions." Says, CEO/Administrator David Engel, Southeast Colorado Hospital District and Long Term Care Center.
At the very least, someone who is experiencing an issue with their health who is uncomfortable coming into our services should contact their primary care physician and follow their advice if they're told to come to our clinic or emergency department.

Southeast Colorado Hospital District and Long Term Care Center are 'OPEN FOR BUSINESS, and here to serve the Southeast Region.

Thank you.