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Housekeeping Aide - Housekeeping
Responsible for maintaining cleanliness, aiding in the prevention of cross contamination, controlling bacteria and odor, and sustaining an acceptable aseptic (germ-free) environment.

• Maintain floor surfaces in clean and aseptic condition, dust, and wet mop tile floor surfaces.
• Maintain a dust free environment by high dusting flat surfaces (i.e., TV's, furniture, light shields, base boards, ledges, and windowsills).
• Wash wall surfaces, shampoo carpet surfaces to keep them clean and free from stains, and clean stairwells.
• Move furniture; replace soiled cubical curtains and window drapes.
• Maintain clean environment in patient rooms, sweep and mop tile floors and/or vacuum carpet.
• Clean patient rest rooms, vanity area, shower, and commode.
• Remove trash from patient rooms, nurse’s stations, public areas, etc. and deposit into the dumpster.
• Clean discharge beds by washing complete bed and mattresses including springs, crevices, head and foot boards, frame, and casters.
• Clean nurse’s stations, utility rooms, waiting rooms, public rest rooms and keep in orderly condition.
• Replenishes supplies in dispensers.
• Maintain cleanliness in clinical/office areas including damp wipe furniture, fixtures, counter tops, telephones, file cabinets, ledges, base tile, etc.
• Clean lockers and storage rooms.
• Maintain clean, odor free conditions in rest rooms. Clean commodes, wash basins, chrome fixtures and polish mirrors, dust light shields and towel dispensers.
• Keep tile floors and carpeted areas clean and free of soil and debris.
• Empty and clean trash containers. Spot wash walls, doors, and clean interior glass.
• Reports repairs needed to Supervisor including broken or cracked windowpanes, leaky faucets, toilets, loose tiles, broken window blinds, damaged furniture, etc.
• Follows all universal precautions and complies with established personal protective equipment requirements necessary for protection against exposure to blood and other potentially infectious body fluids, chemical disinfectants, and other hazardous substances as needed while cleaning patient care areas.
• Attends meetings and in-service sessions, as directed.
• Maintains confidentiality of hospital and patient/family information.
• Maintains regular attendance and punctuality.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibility:
This position does not oversee other positions.

Required Education and Experience
• Ability to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and odor control in work area.
• Ability to perform basic cleaning functions including mopping, the operation of a wet/dry vacuum and shampooer.

Preferred Education and Experience
• Previous experience in housekeeping in a health care setting is preferred.

Additional Eligibility Qualifications
• Can learn duties by brief on the job training

Exposure to toxic or caustic chemicals, fumes or airborne particles such as the cleaning chemical used, risk of electrical shock in plugged in equipment (vacuum cleaner, etc.), work in high, or precarious places such as cleaning light fixtures or behind the bathroom stool.

Additional Information
Position Type : Part Time
Shift : Day
Hourly Wage: $15.00 - $17.56 per/hour

Contact Information
Corey Castle
373 E. Tenth Ave.
Springfield, Co 81073
Phone: 7195232160

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