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QA/Complance Coordinator/Risk Manager
POSITION SUMMARY:To provide QAPI/Risk Management/Compliance/Safety management and training in accordance with District policy and to provide other services and assistance with projects as needed throughout the facility.

QAPI Coordinator/Risk Manager:

• Is responsible for developing and maintaining the internal risk management program for risk identification, loss prevention and claims control.
• Assists others in the implementation of QAPI activities.
• Assures compliance with OSHA, Federal, State, and local regulations regarding an internal risk management program. These activities may occur at committee and department levels or be assigned by the CEO.
• Acts as liaison regarding QAPI or RM activities between administration, medical staff, committees, and departments.
• Maintains the standards set forth by the QAPI plan for documenting and reporting QAPI activities.
• Reports to the CEO the accomplishments and roadblocks in carrying out the QAPI plan or potential sources of loss or risk.
• Reviews and evaluates all Incident reports to determine severity and appropriate follow-up, analyzes data for trends.
• Reports data, at least monthly to departments and appropriate committees.
• Provides annual in-services in incident investigation, reporting, and improvement, risk identification, loss prevention and control, and medical device reporting.
• Develops databases of information to use in identifying trends and improvements, graphs and charts, creates, and utilizes spreadsheets and flow charts.
• Participates in District or community committees as needed.
Compliance Officer:
• Coordinates quarterly Compliance Committee meetings and reviews the Compliance Program dashboard with the Board of Directors.
• Record minutes for the quarterly meetings and forwards to the Board of Directors for their review.
• Monitors complaints and suggestions and responds according to CEO’s instructions.
• Performs investigations when needed.
• Manages Policy and Procedure revisions for the departments to the Board of Directors and Medical Staff approvals.
• Plans, promotes, and coordinates in-service education and training regarding mandatory employee educations training. i.e. Safety, Fire Safety, Compliance, Infection Control, Body Mechanics, Pharmacy, Confidentiality, Mental Illness, Rehab Nursing, Dental.
• Serves as a resource to all departments and physicians and participates in orientation and in education about fraud and abuse compliance.
• Performs facility self-evaluation annually and assists with departmental self-evaluations.
• Maintains State & Federal survey results and assists with the plan of correction for surveyed clinical departments.
• Maintains District contracts and notifies department of upcoming renewal dates.
Safety Coordinator:
• Organizes monthly Safety Meetings and assures that the objectives of the Safety Committee are fulfilled.
• Provides staff with educational information on pertinent safety and risk management issues on an annual basis or as needed.
• Initiates and tracks Material Safety Data Sheets review annually for the facility.
• Assists in organizing meetings for the HICS system, maintains emergency preparedness resources lists, and documents incidents and/or exercises.
• Coordinates and organizes the Emergency Management training of District employees.
• Participates in district or community committees as needed such as the Local Emergency Planning Committee and other regional groups.
• Attends educational meetings as required.
• Maintains regular attendance and punctuality.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibility:
This position directly supervises the clerical assistant position.

Required Education and Experience

• High School graduate or equivalent.
• Working knowledge of the QAPI/Compliance process and its application to various committees and department activities/services.
Preferred Education and Experience
• Good writing skills: ability to present information in clear well-organized documents for use in publications, training materials, policies, and procedures, etc.
• Must have good interpersonal skills, with a willingness to listen.
Additional Eligibility Qualifications
• Be able to prepare presentation materials, extract information based on indicators, design spreadsheets, illustrate information graphically for tracking and trending.

Additional Information
Position Type : Full Time
Shift : Day
Hourly Wage: $25.95 - $32.18 per/hour

Contact Information
Rheannon Hendricks - HR Generalist
Human Resources
373 E. 10th Ave
Springfield, CO 81073
Phone: (719)523-2123

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